Find your Dharma instead of working hard

find your dharma
Mohsen Arjang
Without any doubt God wants us to be successful. Like any father which doesn’t want his children to be hurt, God never ever intend to hurt us and obviously wants us to achieve to our goals simply and with no troubles
Most of the people think which thorough working hard they can reach to their goals and with this belief we see the societies are facing with a large number of people which are not satisfied of their lives.
So what is the problem? If hard work is the mean to reach to our purpose so why is there such a this condition?
There is an interesting word in Sanskrit language called “Dharma” which means “an individual’s highest purpose”.
More interesting concept extracted from this word is the meaning behind it which is: If you follow your Dharma all the means like capital, communications, situations and … which is necessary to fulfill your Dharma attract to you in the easiest way. In such a this situation most of the people say, oh no it was by chance or he/she doesn’t deserve it! But they forget something which there is not anything called Chance in the world and reaching to any achievement follows a certain formula that you can not ignore it.
Finding your Dharma is easy and the formula is: what is the activity which you accept to do without pay you money? If you find it, you can invest your time and energy on it.
So, you should decide yourself either to be as a slave to do routine works and in the worse condition; do it hard or choose your way and find your calling.
By finding your calling in life the wealth come to you as a bonus and without doing hard work, cause you are in the path to make the greatest contribution to the world.
So, do what you love and have commitment on it, then you could see the nature support come along with you.
Another advantage to follow your Dharma is that happiness comes to your life spontaneously and in based on the law of attraction if you have good feelings the good happenings comes to your life one by one